Girls, giiiiiiiirls heelpppp:$?


So its about a girl i really like. We worked together.
Only saw her at work a couple of times, when i bumped into her at a beachparty. We were having fun together running around and holding hands while running on the beach and just sitting with our friends and laughing. Never really talked about it after that night.

She always makes fun of me at work, in a playful way.

Then she stopped working at the place we worked together.

Months later i saw her at a party again. She suddenly grabbed my arm when i walked past her. We were just talking and laughing and I accidentally broke her plastic water gun that she was running around with. I kinda fixed it together with the bartender (he had tape). I showed to her that i fixed it and she smiled and hugged me. Kinda tight and kinda long.

Later on at the party we were talking again and the conversation was just normal but i had my finger on her bottom lip (as if i was wiping something away) but i did it a little longer than a normal person would do, and just very gentle. She was looking me in the eyes the whole time and her eyes sparkled (they always sparkle when we talk).

Also one moment at the same party we were just making fun of eachother and she put her hand on my cheek and said in a playful way: nooo you're sweet, i think you're really sweet (while her hand was on my face).

I think i have to mention that i really really dont know her that well, only from work a couple of times and those two parties.

Another interesting fact: she has a boyfriend. But at the party at the beach i wrote about here, she didn't know him yet. I really like her and i feel like there's such an incredible chemistry when we see eachother. But when i text her sometimes we have fun and we're being goofy, but sometimes she doesn't really reply. Maybe out of guilt for her boyfriend.. I dont know what to do anymore.

Thank u for reading and please tell me what you think. Id also be happy to answer any questions
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Girls, giiiiiiiirls heelpppp:$?
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