HELP! I want to stop stalking my crush but I don't know how! ?

At the beginning of last school year, I saw this guy and you know, like him. The first few weeks, I didn't even know his name so whenever I had the chance, I would go and try to talk to him but then my feet would start walking the other way and I would feel weird. A month later, I found out what his name was and then the stalking started. Whenever he was absent I would grow worried and get mad at him whenever he gets called to the prefect of discipline's office. I made a copy of his class schedule, stalked his account on Facebook, which he deactivated 2 months later after posting that social media wasn't his thing, found out who his parents were, what they do for a living, where he lives (his friend pointed it out when we were riding the community can together but he wasn't pointing it out to me okay?) who his siblings were and even memorized their birthdays, listened to his music and grrr! I just want to stop. I tried stopping because I knew this was very very bad but every now and then I end up google searching him and see his account on deviant art. It's been a year since the day I first saw him and I know that opportunity of "just go say hi to him!" has long been gone and I don't want to do this to him or to me. How do I stop?
HELP! I want to stop stalking my crush but I don't know how! ?
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