Girls, how to ask if crush is mad at me?

I am fairly close friends with this girl I like. We are both in college. I am pretty sure she likes both me and another guy (based on the things she's said to me) but as of the past month she has started acting cold towards me. I even got a group of our friends together for her birthday and she just acted indifferent at me for the whole night even though she said she was looking forward to the night. One day she won't even say hi to me first when we see each other in class and the next day she texts that she misses me and loves me (as a friend). I don't get it!

Should I just ask her if she is mad at me? I work with her best it weird to ask her if this girl is upset with me? I just don't understand the hot and cold feelings she is giving me.
Girls, how to ask if crush is mad at me?
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