Should I stop liking my guy friend?

We're in middle school. Ok, so I think I should stop liking my guy friend because he always want to be mean to me for no reason. We got into like 2 arguments already(both of them were serious arguments and the arguments were stupid to argue about). And everytime I look madly at him he always want to smile like an idiot. When I'm mad at him I tend to ignore him and when I do he always ask me what's wrong and he knows that he's the problem and he always wants me to forgive him but one day I will not forgive him. When he gets in trouble he always want to lie to the teacher and he know he be lying(he usually doesn't get in trouble a lot). He's mostly sometimes mean to people anyways (sometimes though). He's been nice to me lately but I still don't trust him. I still do like him still now but I'm kind of losing interest in him because of this. So, what do you guys think? Should I stop liking my guy friend? If my age says 18 to 20 then I'm sorry because when I joined I had accidentally clicked 18 to 20 instead of Under 18 and I couldn't change it back.
Should I stop liking my guy friend?
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