How to get a shy guys attention?

This fairly confident guy started to show all the signs of him liking me, he would stare and make eye contact. He said hi to me once but he got flustered and looked down. He didn't really talk to me after that but he still stared at me. Even his friend goofed with him and pushed him to me. I told him I liked him but he didn't say anything. I thought he didn't like me but he came up to me after that while he was with his friend and he looked me in the eyes and smiled and left, but the next day he left. His friend asks all the time if we're gonna date and he told me through a friend that I looked nice and another time hi. He still looks at me but just not as noticeably, what should I do? I don't know if he likes me, should I make eye contact or something? Is there a way for me to get him to aproch me? Should I forget him?
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When I say he left I mean he kinda avoided my eyes and didn't stop or anything really
How to get a shy guys attention?
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