Do I have a chance with him or not?

Is he completely in love and committed to his girl?
It sucks so bad that he has a girlfriend cos I have feelings for him?
I don't know how to forget about him... Why is he always looking at me and acting awkward around me?
He has a girlfriend!

If he was single i would assume it's cos he likes me... but it doesn't make sense... he has been with his gf for almost 8 years!!!!

I don't understand... he gets so awkward around me... like nervous n stuff and he's always looking at me...

We are both 27 by the way... not teens... Why does he act like he likes me... but he can't cos he must be in love with his girl, right? I'm kinda in limbo... thinking he might like me and break up with his girl one day n then i can be with him... but this will never happen, right? Im dreaming... Will they never break up?
Do I have a chance with him or not?
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