How do I approach my crush if she's shy and I dont know her?

I have a crush on this girl at school who i dont know and i dont have any classes with her, the only connection is that we're friends on Facebook, which means jackshit. I've only seen her once in the hallway and she was with a group of friends. I dont know if she's always there but ill pay more attention to it. I found her Twitter and kinda looked through some of her stuff and some of the stuff she said was like "im quiet until you get to know me" or if she's talking to someone she doesn't know and they ask why she's quiet she said i dont know you i dont know what to say. So basically if i talked to her itd be awkward until she feels she knows me enough to start having conversations, and unless she also likes me initially, it could be even wierder, cause she won't be as into getting to know me as much as im into her. I dont know what to say to start talking to her considering we have no connection, and i might try taking different paths to my classes to see if i pass her when she's alone. I just realized im like her im really shy around new people but with friends (wherever i am) im not shy whatsoever, i dont talk to many girls either and (only basing this on the amount of guy friends she has on Facebook and twitter) id say she has a few guy friends but not a crazy amount, obviously i could be wrong. I need advice on any of the stuff I've said :I Girls put yourself into her shoes and guys into mine
How do I approach my crush if she's shy and I dont know her?
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