Guys, need a guys point of view?

I have a friend who uses the a Whisper app. Let's call him Joe. Joe posted something about the restaurant I work at and a guy answered by this guy and Joe started talking and Joe found out that the guy has a huge crush on me. He's gone into my work a few times and says he's talked to me once. He tells Joe that he thinks I'm hot and that he's crazy about me. But he doesn't ask me Out even though he wants to. He told Joe that when he asks me on a date he's gonna take things slow with me? He thinks I'm classy and things like that. He's even hinted at wanting to be my first boyfriend. What does this all mean? Why won't he ask me out? Am I too intimidating for him?
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This guy is 22 and I'm 19. If that helps.
Guys, need a guys point of view?
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