I think he likes me, but im not sure?

there's this guy in my school, we've been friends for almost a year now, he was always a pretty close friend of mine and now he's starting to act weird.

We hang out a lot around school, and we usually tease each other, you know, all in good fun stuff, but recently he hasn't been teasing me at all, he's being, realllyyyy reallyyyyyy nice, which isn't normal of him, and when he does say something he usually says a few seconds after that he was kidding, as if i would get mad or just not talk to him anymore. There's That.

We usually only text rarely because he's not a big texter, but recently, he's been texting me quite a bit. Whenever he texts me he always uses the little blushy emoji con and he even opened up to me recently that he's really into chick flicks and it made him feel like a wuss to say it but he wished that he had a girl to sit there and watch those movies with him and have a relationship like that and that he was gonna be alone forever and stuff like that.

he's not normally like this and I don't know if he likes me or not, it makes me feel a little worse because he knows i like someone, but he doesn't know that its him.
I think he likes me, but im not sure?
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