What should I do with this girl?

Well long story short I got a lot of signs from this girl I like (she went to a basketball game with me and there were signs, her starting to talk to me on fb and things like that, being in class she had a lot of eye contact). I got her number and a week or two later I asked her out but she said that she recently had a breakup and it was bad so I'm not sure if she meant it and she's damaged or she used it as an excuse to say no. I know that she had a boyfriend and that was over but I never pursued it. Well I told her a couple weeks later after we talked that I understand that and it would be upto her if she wants something. That way I can try and find another girl I like and in the meantime if this one works out then good for us. But anyways since then we've gone out to dinner just me and her, I've been to her house when she was sick to check up on her, and just recently I sent her flowers when her grandmother died. She appreciated that and said it is special that I have such great friends or something (the dreaded friends word). Nevertheless I pursued and now I have the freedom to say things like she's perfect and she's cute and she doesn't mine and says things like your scoring brownie points. Now when we do hw and we help each other through text I tell her thanks for this 2 hours of helping me get through hw I couldn't have done it without you and she agrees with me and says the same to you. I joke around with her and she says things like come here so I can hit you. What is the next step? I also bought her a cusotmized jersey for her birthday because her favorite players just left her team and I plan on surprising her with it?
What should I do with this girl?
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