I need help talking to my crush, and I have confidence/social issues. Can anyone help?

I want to talk to my crush but im nervous. I feel like im not a good looking person, but other times i do. I have spots from acne on my cheeks, my ears stick out a little more than most people, my jaw is a little uneven, and im self conscious about these things. I have braces right now which bugs me a little, but the other stuff bugs me more. I look around at other guys and i feel like everyone looks more normal than i do. On the social side of things... i dont think i know a single girl i could call an actual friend. Im shy around girls, guys im not and when im with my friends i talk fine, even when im around girls, as long as im talking to someone i know. English class for example, i talk to my friends in the class and once class starts i get quiet and dont talk cause girls sit around me. Every seat around mine has a girl sitting there and theyre all friends and talk, so i feel out of place. I've known all of them since 7th grade (currently in 10th) and i was REALLY anti social in middle school so i didn't get to meet many people. Its awkward cause I've never tried talking to them and they dont try talking to me, so i dont know what to do, especially since theyre all friends. Im not as big of a "loser" as some people and i played football last fall and i workout (dont necessarily look like it though), so im not anti social anymore and i have a decent amount of guy friends, just not good around girls. This girl i want to talk to i have no connection with, not even any classes, only have her as a friend on Facebook. I know she talks a lot of girls, including the ones in my English class (girls at my school all have really big friend groups, except the REALLY shy/anti social ones). I read on her Twitter how she said "im shy until you get to know me" and "if someone i dont know asks me why im quiet its because i dont know you what am i supposed to say", so shed be shy when i first talk to her and id have to make her comfortable. I need advice..
I need help talking to my crush, and I have confidence/social issues. Can anyone help?
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