Guys, does my crush want to take me to prom?

So my crush is a junior and I'm a freshman.he was having a convo with one of his female friends and she walked over to me and asked me if a liked him then walked back over to him and continued talking to him.

When I got the chance to be alone with him he asked me if I thought him and his female friend were dating and I said yes so he clarified he wasn't with her.
We also talked about prom(which is in two weeks and tickets are sold out in two days)and he asked me if I planned on going and I said I would love to but no one wants to go wth a freshman.he was all like"oh I forgot u were a freshman I thought u were a sophomore" and we kept talkng about kids in our school we thought might be gayXD
Keep in mind this convo also took ace in his car while he was driving me home after he offered me a ride :3
So what do u think? Does he maybe possibly want to ask me out or ask me to prom? What should I do to get closer to him since I don't see him very often?
Guys, does my crush want to take me to prom?
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