Flirting with a classmate?

We're both 18, we're classmates and close friends. Lately he would sneak in through my window (as in one of those cliché movies) and we would talk all night and listen to music. Then we would end up cuddling and kissing (no further than making out though). He would then kiss me goodnight and jump out the window. I did not see it coming so I fell. How silly I am.

What am I to do with this? I try not to let it distract me at classes but I can sure see why people tend to avoid kissing the classmate.. My bad.. Especially because it's 'all or nothing' meaning we secretly have to hang out unless we're official and it might turn out to be casual...

I know he flirts with this other girl, which is fine. But as we are classmates, I'm not sure anything casual is going to end up well.. I really do like him, though. How should I handle this?
Flirting with a classmate?
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