Girls, poems and dating?

Hi ladies,

I decided to write a poem for a pretty lady I recently got talking to... Do you think ladies in general like poets and poetry? I'm not fishing for compliments..I simply fear that it may be 'corny' or silly and just need some validation. Here is my poem,

----------------My Lady--------------------

Throngs shift and merge,

Voices converge,

Dappled light thwarts,

Forever contorts

Pallid rays,

Take battle to the haze,

An acrid shroud abound,

Smouldered Amber Leaf,

Friendships brief,

Mirthful glee aground.

There surfs upon murky clouds,

A sickle moon,

Most welcome boon,

Casting her milky kiss upon the crowds.

There stand I forever shy,

Soul screams a silence it seems

To drown in stone

Forever alone.

For to catch my eye,

Tis not an easy ply,

But I must not lie,

My heart runs awry.

To the West of my breast,

A figure creeps its best,

To split hungered black eels,

Stood leering at her heels.

Crimson lips,

Snaking hips,

Dancing curls,

Poised to unfurl.

Swarthy thighs,

And cocoa eyes,

Set to breach,

The very crenels of my being.

My garrisons fleeing,

Such beauty they have never seen,

On this here land of green

You capture my heart,

And I fall apart.

This happy I have never been.

...............................................Ronan K.
Girls, poems and dating?
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