Does I have boyfriend response work to get them to back off?

I often use that line even if i dont have boyfriend to spare their feelings and get them to back off.I remember a year ago i spoke to this co worker because i was looking to buy a used car.He told me that he knows someone who can hook me up with people he knows who sells cars.He refered me to another co worker.

I worked with this co worker and i sopke to him about it.He said sure he knows a lot of cars and wll definitely hook me up.We excanged numbers so we can discuss it outside work.However,he was also showing signs of intrest prior this and i could sense that he was attrcated to me.

Anywas,he started texting me regulary asking questions about myself etc and he asked if i am single.I told him that i have a boyfriend and he said okay.Then couple months later he admitted that he likes me and he was going to ask me out if i was single.I just brushed it off because i only saw him as a friend.I didn't want to shut him out since he was helping getting a car and all since i am a women who knows nothing about cars.

I dont know if he sensed that i was lying because later on he asked me if i really have a boyfriend and i just just wanted to get out out of awkward position.
Does I have boyfriend response work to get them to back off?
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