What do her actions mean cuz I can't seem to understand it?

So this is gonna be a long post but please bear with me
so there's this girl in my school who i always catch staring at me but she looks away really fast i've been in the same school with her for 1 and half years usually when i tease my friend or joke with them and she is nearby she is looking at me and laughing ( without knowing i see her ) one of my friends told me that she always laughs at my jokes in class , also one time my brother had an issue and i was rushing to help him in the playground while i was going down the stairs she tried to talk to me and ask me how i was doing while her friends were laughing and looking at herbut mixed my name with my brothers and because i was in a rush i told her my name and went to help my brother really fast i still catch her glancing at me and she tried to sit next to me once.
I don't really like her friends so i don't talk to her or her friends i tried to add her on facebook to try to talk to her but she didn't accept nor refuse my request ( my profile picture shows me with 5 other guys if that changes anything ) so what does all this mean and what should i do
sry for the essay i just wrote XD
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Forgot to mention one of my friends tells me that she has a crush on me he doesn't really know her but he says her actions say so
What do her actions mean cuz I can't seem to understand it?
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