How can I hang out with him/ text him outside of school?

So we're good friends (in high school) and we talk all the time during class. We always make eye contact and neither of us really looks away until we have to or probably 7 seconds (which is actually a lot if you think about it) after someone stops talking. His eyes seem very bright and happy (idk) when I talk to him. We're really good friends and have been for almost 2 years, but we don't hang out outside of school or text. It used to feel like he was flirting with me before, but he had a girl friend so I just took it as like a joke or good friends. But he recently broke up with her and said he just wasn't happy in the relationship.. but he seems happy otherwise. Now I can't help but wonder if he likes/is flirting with me. Before, I used to take the winks as jokes and laugh them off. Our knees also touch too, for a long time until I move them away. Sometimes he glances at my lips (and possibly my cleavage, but i think its just my lips). He likes talking to me and joking around and can tell when I'm mad at him or mad in general and asks what's wrong. Typically I'm not mad so this hasn't happened a lot. I can't tell if he likes me/is flirting with me. And if he doesn't like me, how can I text him to get to know him on a deeper level so that he might like me. I don't want to suddenly start texting him because I don't want him to think I like him in case he doesn't like me, because that could screw up our friendship and I see him a lot. He broke up with his gf right before prom too, so is he going to ask someone else (there's about a month and a half till prom).
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I already have his number
How can I hang out with him/ text him outside of school?
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