Guys, men how often do you?

Notice a woman? I mean one that actually makes an effort to come see you and talk to you? Regardless of if you are actually romantically interested. Do you know when we do it? Or not? Pick a poll option and comment further, please.
sure, I know when a woman is making the effot.
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I might it depends (comment further)
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nope, not a clue.
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I am a girl, I just want to see the results.
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+1 y
I'm not asking if you'd know if she likes you. I'm only asking if she went out of her way to drive to a class she could take closer to her and you knew it. And she made a point if talking to you. Would you notice when she was there and when we wasn't versus other girls that are just there.
+1 y
Any other guys?
Guys, men how often do you?
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