Does my best friend like me?

He seems to always have his legs touching mine, always turned towards me. Calls me in the middle of the night just to talk. He is always seeing how my day is, wanting to chill whenever it's possible. He has this cute adorable little smile I have only seen him do around me. He calls me when he is upset or needs advice. He hugs me for a long period of time. Is always willing to help out with just about anything. And yes, he does make slight sexual references but subtly. He doesn't ever insinuate that he wants sex from me. Seems like it's just friendship usually but when we are together I can't stop from smiling and feeling happy. I feel like someone actually cares and he is always saying he does. It's like fireworks are being set off all overt skin when I'm near him. He shares his food with me, he let me sleep for three days straight at his house while I came down from mushrooms. He held me for an hour while I cried after my friend died. He has never called me sexy, but only beautiful. He has been nothing less than a gentleman with me. I caressed his face last week and he just went all silent and looked down at the table, so I dot know what his facial expression was. But after that his knee was resting against mine for an hour and he didn't move away when I pressed mine slightly more towards his.
Does my best friend like me?
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