Do you know if this girl at work likes me?

So, this girl at work seems to be giving me signs of laughing a lot in front of me. She has once touched her necklace, stroking her hair, but the thing she does is a laugh a lot. She laughs and looks down. I would like to approach her but the timing has never been right and at work we end at different times unfortunately. But she asks me a lot of questions and ask me for assistance and we do chat a lot on the chat service at work. So I am just wondering does she like me? Because I really like her

And she always says goodbye to me no matter and she hasn't accidentally touched me or anything like that but I have told her that I like helping her. Should I ask her if she is interested in a movie? She is into Action movies I am thinking of asking if she might be interested in seeing the new Fast & furious movie or is that way too forward? There are no good cafes near where I work unfortunately

Well, she does stand a bit closer to me than most people and I have complemented her once and I can't really say that in front of a lot of people. She doesn't do the things she does with other workers though not that I have noticed anyway.
Do you know if this girl at work likes me?
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