Are these signs that she really likes me?

Ok so at work there is this girl and she acts like she wants to be more than friends. So are these actually signs, or am I reading into it too much?
she hugs me (not light hugging, either. It's very long and deep.)
She always tells me she loves me (not just love ya,either.)
She is always touching me (bumping, squeezing, pinching, shoving, light hitting, rubbing, and again, hugging.)
She teases me.
She compliments me (she called me manmeat once, if that counts for anything.)
She was eating once and she said she would feed me a bite.
she has offered me rides before.
she's always play fighting with me.
And there are other things, like she smiles at me (while hugging, too. I already know we hug a lot.)
She always talks to me, too. Not about anything specific. Just stuff.
I believe that she is way too touchy and lovey to be just friends,especially considering I'm the only guy she is like this with, but what the hell do I know
Are these signs that she really likes me?
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