So why is he doing this and taking his time? Is he going to ditch me?

There's this guy I met about two weeks ago at my gym he spoke to me twice and on the second time it turned out it was his last day at my gym he was transferring over. He asked me out and I said yes but we didn't plan on a day , the next day I texted him for a while normally and two days later I got annoyed thinking he might have been ditching our date , I texted him asking how his weekend was he said he was sick ( he answered in the evening I texted in the morning ) we texted a bit he said he will go sleep and he'll catch me tomorrow

I then decide to just ignore it however just yesterday I sent him a message saying hey what have you been up to just casually. He responded saying busy with work tomorrow is my last shift then I get 6 days off hopefully we can meet up during that time.

I jokingly was like oh I thought you forgot he's like nope I certainly didn't I just got sick then work started again

What are your thoughts guys ? I mean he did ask me out and he did bring it up yesterday , for some reason I feel he isn't the type that likes texting. Are some guys like that?

Update the last time we spoke was Tuesday he said he has a 6 day holiday starting Thursday and as i mentioned above that he would hopefully see me during his time off from work. I didn't get any texts from him yet
So why is he doing this and taking his time? Is he going to ditch me?
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