What do players really want at the end?

There is this cute, gentle, good-looking senior who all the girls want, and I am just a freshman that never thought a guy like that would think of, so I never really showed attention. At first, it felt like there was something about him, we would shake hands and other times he would wink at me without him really noticing it.
For the past couple of months, he talked to me on facebook, got to know me better, showed interest in everything i like, flirted all the time, and made me feel extra special. we actually made plans and we went out with together with a friend of mine. His so sweet and gentle, he would tell me that his honest with me and that he has to make sure that I'm okay, he would look at me with so much passion.. etc. All my friends warned me that his a player and that he has histroy with other girls. I ignored that and I decided to play along with this and see how it ends.

Last time we went out with a group of mutual friends, he showed no interest in me, it was boring actually without him flirting anymore, afterwards, he doesn't look at me the way he did before.. he's changed, suddenly he disagreed with a thing I said about a general topic, he doesn't ask to see me, he shows no interest in conversations when I am sure I haven't done anything to him. I always made sure to leave him interested and I wouldn't make myself all overhim. I asked him what's wrong? and he said nothing and he asked why I am asking? I told him that I feel like something is wrong with him and he was like you really care about how I feel? and I was like ofcourse and he was like I miss u and he changed the subject and he's back to treating me so formally.

What should I do? and what have I done wrong? help.
What do players really want at the end?
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