Trying to approach a girl in a party (there is more to it) ?

Hey. My first post here. Whoever had the idea to make this website deserves a hug, because of how smart this thing is.

So, in short, there is this girl which i tried to date before, and it didn't really work. Back then (that is, before i screwed up) i was really sure she was intrested, but my approach was terrible. That was months ago, now she sometimes look like she is intrested but i am never really sure about it.
The problem is that I really REALLY like her. She is not the kind of woman you can just forget in a week. I really want to have something with her.

So i've been thinking it would be a good idea to try to approach her again in a party. The problem is that i absolutely hate parties... They happen in closed, dark spaces with too little room, too loud music and too many people, and that is extremely unnerving. IF i manage to get past that issue i still won't know how to approach the girl. She is also a heavy drinker when it comes to parties... And I am not. I don't know if this is an issue or an advantage.

So people what can i do? Gimme your best shot! We got plenty of time to discuss this since there aren't any parties happening any time soon.
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Bump. Lets be a little more specific.

Lets say i DO manage to get her alone with me (be it outside or inside, doesn't really matter).
What do i say/do before we kiss? (maybe a few minutes before) and what do i say/do right before i go for it? (a few seconds before)
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Trying to approach a girl in a party (there is more to it) ?
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