Why do women wear thongs?

Why do we wear them? I wear them too. I have a boyfriend, who will probably become a husband eventually, but to be honest, he isn't specifically into thongs. So I don't wear them for him. Also they aren't the most comfortable undies. I wear them when I have to be around other people: at work, the gym, in town, at paties, at a bar, ... And I'll be honest, it's cause there are other men around. It's not that I want to cheat on my husband, it just feels nice to have the men thinking you are sexy. Just looking good, wearing make up does that too, but when he notices I'm wearing a thong, he sees me more in a sexual context. I notice a lot of married/taken women wearing them at these social places where there is no husband or boyfriend around, so I personally think they do it for the same reason. What do you think? Or why do you wear Them?

ps: I've always been proud of my butt. It's my most complimented feature. So that's why thogs work for me specifically.
Why do women wear thongs?
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