Does he like me?

I posted him as my MCM this past Monday and his response was "Thanks (my name) !!! I haven't been anyone's #mcm in ages lol ;) ;) " One of his really good guy friends liked the post too.

Ever since then, he has been glancing at me a lot. We had an event at school that he had to play guitar at. Before it started, my friend caught him constantly trying to look at me. Then when he got on stage to play guitar, my friend caught him glancing across at me then looking back at his guitar when he was playing for someone.

Then at another event he had to play guitar for. My friend said how he was acting overboard on the stage and had shouted a phrase, looked in the crowd for me, then smiled when he got back to his guitar.

I can't believe I miss these glances haha. Although I caught him once and smiled and waved but he just had a blank look and looked away then glanced back at me again.

One more thing, another event I had to greet people at the door and when he walked past me he said "Hey" in a flirty voice and smiled.
Does he like me?
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