I have a good guy friend who flirts with me a lot. Does he like me?

I have a really good guy friend who flirts with me a lot. Recently we saw each other when we went out to dinner with old coworkers and kept commenting on how he liked my new hairstyle and my dress and asked to hang out with me and my guy friends. Previously, when I used to ask him to hang out with us he would always make excuses. This time around I called him out saying that he always gives me excuses and I don't want to ask unless he really is interested in coming out with us. He got upset and said if I didn't want to hang out I wouldn't have asked. The following week when I asked if he would like to join us he said he couldn't and asked me to let him know about next time. I was really upset and did not respond, figuring he probably did not want to really hang out.

Fast forward 2 weeks later, we both are in Vegas and he finds me in the club when I'm with guy I just met. Right when he sees me he starts kissing my cheeks and dancing with me. He kept spilling his drink on my arm and licking it (which was really strange). Since I really liked him, I decided to leave the guy I met in the club to spend time with him. When we were dancing together he was holding me and kissing me on the forehead and my cheeks and hugging me. We took some pictures together making silly faces. After a while he told me he wanted to leave to sleep and left me hugging and kissing me on the cheek good night. I haven't heard from him since and don't know if he likes me. Help!
I have a good guy friend who flirts with me a lot. Does he like me?
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