Your take on pet names?

so numerous times I have heard that when a guy calls you pet names like "babe, doll, Hun, gorgeous,etc" he is a player or doesn't want to call you the wrong name.. I have three instances where I get called pet names. 1 are my cousins they call me a sweetie or sweetheart stuff like that which I always found normal. One is this guy I just became good friends with he calls me sweetheart, sweety but for me we are just friends and I don't know if he just calls everyone that. And lastly is a guy I like and we have known eachother for about a year now and I think he likes me back but I don't know if he will ever do anything about it but he calls me doll, or Hun, gorgeous, and sweety in person or over text. Sometimes he uses my name but it's rare... I don't know if this is all just friendly nice gestures like when it comes from my cousins or if there's something more to it?? what do you all think?
Your take on pet names?
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