Do you think "catcalling" is confused with flirting?

I don't care what anyone says, young women(especially in their 20's) are repulsed when men approach them. They think it's "creepy", "weird" and "disrespectful." I don't know why this is the case and I'm NOT speaking solely from personal experience. I can ask several guys in my age group and they would agree with me(unless the man is wealthy, then it's a completely different story.)

I have a possible reason for this: Girls think approaching and flirting is "catcalling." There was a viral video of a girl displaying her "horrors" when she walked in the streets of New York City and was supposedly "catcalled." Most of the guys were complimenting her, but she thought this was "catcalling."

I think most girls feel this way.
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@MyBestAdvice3995 You made some fair points. I was mainly talking about women under 30 anyway.
Do you think "catcalling" is confused with flirting?
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