Does she like me or am I overthinking 2?

I had a revelation a few moments ago. Is it possible that the hottest girl in my class likes me? We're freshmen. I'm a regular guy, so I'd say I'm overthinking. But what if I'm not? I must mention that I never engaged in a conversation with her. Here are some things that happened recently:
1. She touched my arm and asked me how much does the popcorn cost, altough there were at least 2 more guys eating.
2. She asked me if she can have some popcorn.
3. She laughed so hard to a joke I realised that it wasn't even that funny.
4. When I was talking to some other people she came very close to me, almost pushing me without the purpose of geeting me out of way.
5. She flicked her hair when she noticed I was checking her out.
6. She asks me about my friend's new mobile phone. Before starting the convo she looked like she was nervous and backed up in the first place.
7. I ironically say "ladies first" to my best friend (implying he's a girl haha) while she enters the classroom and says "thanks" with a sweet voice.
I am good friends with a guy and a girl who hang out with her often, maybe I should consider making a move? They could help too.
Does she like me or am I overthinking 2?
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