Guys, how does he feel about me?

Around the time I was in middle school, my best guy friend liked me. I had transferred to an arts school by the time he confessed his feelings for me and didn't reciprocate them. Being the immature kid I was I ignored him. There was a lot of drama surrounding me at my old school, yet he gallantly defended me through it and talked to me the whole time. I of course felt awful for ignoring him, but I was terrified at the prospect of a relationship and distance allowed me the buffer I needed.

Fast forwarding 4 years I bumped in to him on social media. We started talking and I was amazed at how much we had in common and found myself starting to develop feelings for him. For about a month straight we talked until 1-3 in the morning. I was able to talk to him on a greater intellectual and emotional level than anyone I've encountered before and began falling. I made sure to flirt.. or at least I TRIED to flirt but I don't know if he responded to it other than using more emojis than a guy typically uses.

I thought things were going great until talking to his best friend and hearing he liked another girl. We stopped talking after that, but I couldn't get him off my mind. Since then I've received a full scholarship to study in Germany with the State Department for a year. I texted him and told him I wanted to see everyone before I left in August and he suggested everyone from my old school and I meet at the local amusement park. I nervously said yes and I he's organizing it over spring break.

Interestingly enough, I haven't seen any pictures of him excluding his Facebook profile picture, so of course I feel a little nervous, but I really like him. I care about him more than any other guy I've ever met. He's the only one I've ever had "certain thoughts" about and I definitely want to be with him. 0//0

I don't know if he likes me as a friend or romantically, and I don't want to mess with his heart before leaving for a year. Does he like me and if so, should I go for it?
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Thanks everyone. You're all right. I just found out that I'm receiving another scholarship that would take me out of the country to study Marine Biology for 2 additional years after I return from Germany. Following that I have university. At this point it's not wise to bring him into the mix. I appreciate your honesty.
Guys, how does he feel about me?
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