Girls have you done this before and if so what does it mean?

I was at this bar last night and I was having a good time with my friends then I notice the girl I like (she kinda likes me as well) walks in with her friends and I think she glances me in the beginning with her friends as well but i try not to look cause it seemed awkward so the beginning of the night she was with her best friend sitting at some table and I didn't want to talk to her when she was with her friends cause it would be awkward but I notice I saw her look in my direction a few times and she was playing with her hair a good amount so I told my best friend that knew her a little bit to help me out so eventually he set me up and she said hey to him then I came over and said hey and gave her a one handed hug and I said you look nice today with a smile and she said thanksss I think she was drunk and then I sat by my friends ( which was next to her friends table) and she was quiet For a few seconds then she looked over at me so then I said how've you been person and she just smiled and nodded at me like what the hell? lol I think she was drunk at that point then she started to get wasted with her friends but I notice she talked to her friends guys and girls and I noticed she was getting crazy but we all left at the end of the day....why did she smile at me and nod when she's talking to everyone else fine? Lol
Girls have you done this before and if so what does it mean?
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