Does this girl have a crush on me?

Let me first say that, where I live, the age of consent is 16 and this girl will be 18 in July.

Anyway, I work at a restaurant with this 17 year old (almost 18 year old hostess). A couple of times I have walked past her and she stared at me. Each time this happens the girl besides her starts laughing. Another time this very same girl came up to me and pushed me out of the way. The other day I asked her what the matter was. She made me swear to keep it a secret. She then told me that she fell asleep cuddling with another guy, although she has a boyfriend on vacation. She said they didn't have sex or anything, but a) she fell asleep cuddling with him and b) She has a boyfriend.

She then told me that she broke up with her boyfriend for a period of 5 months because they argued a lot. She then said that they got back together. However, she then said that it was getting to that arguing stage again.

She then asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said no. She then asked me if I was a manwhore. She then said that she heard I had a one night stand with a girl and then started dating her. I asked her how she knows that. She then said that she was my stalker. She then said she was kidding and heart it about me.

She then said that she needed someone to buy her alcohol. I then said that I could do it for her. I then gave her my number.

The next day she texted me and said "Hey its me. I need alcohol ;)" I then said "sure". She then said "jk." I then asked her what she was up too and she said at a movie with two guy friends, including the guy she had cuddled with. She then said "I'm bored and literally all of my friends are out of town." Plus she said her friend had some moonshine so she wanted to partake.

Now, she made me swear not to tell ANYBODY else who works there about this. Prior to last night we barely talked.

Was she just making an excuse to talk to me? Was she trying to get me to potentially make a move? Or am I over thinking things?
Does this girl have a crush on me?
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