Am I pushing this girl to much or am I am just fine?

Basically i asked this girl out because I got good signs and actions from her and she said she just got over a breakup and it was messy. We agreed to be friends and we've been to dinner (just me and her), i came to see her when she was sick, I sent her flowers when her grandmother died (she was really greatful), and I got her a customized jersey when it was her birthday with a card that had some jokes which she laughed at, it had some sentimental stuff like you are an amazing person with a great personality, a smile that brightens up the room, and you are incredibly bueatiful so don't change because your perfect the way you are. I said things like that and she said that was very sweet and she said thanks and when she got the gift she was really happy and starting joking around how all her old jersies went to waste because they went to waste and the only way this will is when she dies. She was really happy and gave me a hug. Am I pushing her to much and what should be the next step. I'm trying to show that I am better than her bf before.
Am I pushing this girl to much or am I am just fine?
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