Did I mess this up?

So this guy that is best friends with my friend, gives me compliments I always say thank you but I usually walk away or change the subject, I like him but I just get nervous because honestly I'm not use to this, one time we were all together, laughing and joking and he gave me a compliment everyone got quite, even my friend looked surprised, I said thank you and then I changed the subject quickly and I said I like your jeans, shoes, hair, but I hate your shirt ( it was a bears shirt, and he is a bears fan and I'm a green bay packers fan ) we all started laughing and even he started laughing, but I hope that he doesn't think I'm not interested because I really do like him. I don't know he is giving me compliments because he is being nice or he likes me.
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Also he stares at me when we are around
Did I mess this up?
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