Does my friend have a crush on me?

Basically I don't want to go into loads of detail so
- last night I went to a party and my frien was there and we both got drunk
- he was being really close to me when were speaking and he had his arm around me
- he kissed me on my forehead/cheeks multiple times but in a friend way
- when i was crying about my ex (she broke up with me about 4 months ago) he was comforting and saying things like i'm beautiful and deserve to be happy etc
- he asked me if I had a crush on anyone
- when I was about to leave the party he was holding my hands kissed me on my cheek again
- when I got home we spoke on fb and he had the idea of coming round my house in a couple of days to chill and stuff

I don't know i guess i could be over thinking it and tbh i've never really seen him as more than a friend but after last night i think i might be crushing on him. but whenever we've been kissing or been that close we've always been drunk so it might just be like a drunk thing?

(also we've gotten drunk at previous parties before and played spin the bottle and made out and things weren't awkward after which they would be between normal friends right?)
Does my friend have a crush on me?
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