Could plain texting ruin our chances?

I like this girl. We've went out twice but just said goodnite afterwards. She knows i like her because i've said so. She didn't really say no to me. Getting that third date have been hard though, i don't know whether she's not interested anymore or we haven't found the right time.


The only way i could communicate with her is by texting (or messaging?). Because i like her, i tend to just want to talk to her and end up asking trivial questions about stuff. I flirt too but not often because... i have no idea how. She once mentioned that i'm trying too hard. I don't know what it meant but she did say that everything is okay afterwards. Lately though i can sense she's not enthuastic with her reply. Did i just shot myself in the foot by texting unimportant stuff? Can we ruin our chances with someone by texting bland texts?
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Not really.
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No, but then again plain texts are useless so we shouldn't send them anyway
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Could plain texting ruin our chances?
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