Girls, Does she like me or seem to be interested? Or is she just being friendly?

So I met this girl through a mutual friend (my sister), but now I think she might like me. Upon seeing her the second time, she also included me into the conversation and she laughed a lot of the things I said I also noticed she maintained strong eye contact with a smile and would glance back at me even if I wasn't talking. After awhile, we have hung outside of the group but in a smaller circle. She always makes plans with my sister and other people from our circle, knowing I'll go to the events as well (we're all kind of friends now). We went for dinner last time and it was just us 3 and someone else from the group. I noticed she did her hair differently and throughout the night, I picked up on a few cues (which I'm not sure if I'm over thinking):

shared her food
asked about my family
talked about her family
agreed a lot of what I would say
brought up dating
played with her hair when talking to me
maintained eye contact (not as strong as before)

later during the week she invited me and my sister to dessert (just us) and I noticed other cues:
bit her lip while staring at me
opened up about her past relationship
described me when asked what attracted her to her ex or guys in general
she offered to pay
she walked really close to me when walking out
she play hit me
she then asked if I'll be going to the next event
(plus she redid all the other cues from the first time)
However, she doesn't seem to laugh as much anymore...
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Girls, Does she like me or seem to be interested? Or is she just being friendly?
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