I like my best friends brother and I think he likes me but I'm not sure?

So i like my best friends brother, and he's done a things that make me feel like he likes me but i don't know. once he got scared and he held my hand by accident, and he blushed and let go but kept his hand on top of me. i should also mention he's the shy guy. we went to the movies recently, and my friends went saying he was admiring me from afar, and following me around. we also went to a party, where we spoke a few times and i totally embarrassed myself. the whole night he was staring and smiling at me until this chick told him i liked him and wanted to date him making me seem like i was only attracted to his looks, which I'm not ((she used to like him)). later that evening, he told my best friend, his sister, that he wasn't ready for a relationship. and ever since then he's kinda like not acknowledge me, we went to a diner with his sister ((my best friend, which she is totally cool with me liking him. if anything she "ships" us)) and the whole time she tried to get us to talk but we just kinda not looked at each other just drinking our water awkwardly. i also am not ready for a relationship, but i would like to know if he feels the same way, because at first i thought he felt something but i don't know anymore. what's you're opinion guys?
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I like my best friends brother and I think he likes me but I'm not sure?
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