Friendship or Potential Relationship?

So I've known this guy for way over a year now & most recently we've become closer in our friendship. Before, we barely talked but now we talk all of the time. We've thought about having sex together but we'd both rather keep our friendship over anything. He tells me how much he likes me as a person and that I am a good person, he wants to know how he'd be with my friends and other stuff. I feel so comfortable around him, I'm sure he feels so comfortable around me, I'm guessing... we can tell each other anything, talk about anything, other girls and guys, stay up all night talking about the most ridiculous things. My point is, where is this heading? We both feel a great vibe from eachother and know we both want sex but we just won't do it because of how much we appreciate our friendship...& by the way this is only after hanging out 4 times and 3 of the times have been within 2 weeks.

we are never nervous around eachother & it was said the second time we've hung out.

where is this friendship heading?
Friendship or Potential Relationship?
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