Why do I think looks play a major role with girls all over the world?

Why do i still believe that looks play a major major role with women all over? I mean come to think of it guys who are good looking basically have more than half of what girls are looking for. Imagining a really good looking guy approaching a girl and saying a couple of words and just talking to her for a couple of minutes would instantly get you more dates than a guy a ugly guy or a guy not as handsome. The sex appeal or whatever appeal it is deams to draw girls in more and im sure girls fancy that a lot lot more than they come to realise? So when girls tell me it "hey looks dont matter" i dont tend to believe them. Because if they were put in a situation where they approached by two guys who were very very handsome and one not i am more then certain and positive she by body language and conversation be open to the handsome guys suggestions but then why do they say "looks dont matter" if this is the case? I need this to be explained to me because as far as i know it i really dont know much of it? Im ugly id say a 1/10 im hideous would i still be able to approach and attract women if looks dont matter or would it hinder my chances. So can some please explain and elaborate on this and what are your experiences on whether this "looks dont matter" thing seam to be true or false? thank you.
Why do I think looks play a major role with girls all over the world?
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