What do I do about this guy?

So i wrote a previous question on the guy i USED to like's brother has been staring at me sadly. Any of the times he's either looked at me or was passing me (seeing me) he looks really sad whether he's staring or not but knowing im there. My previous question post was:
So my crush's brother looks at me all sad. I didn't do anything to him and we've only talked once like last year. My friend has caught him staring once or twice but it was not sad... But EVERYTIME i pass him he has this sad expression even if he's not looking at me, just walking past me and looking forward he looks sad but any other time he's all happy and stuff. Its super weird. The other day we looked at each other at the same time while he was talking to his friend passing me, he looked at me, kinda raised his eyebrows and just looked sad.

Even weirder all his friends have been staring at me or glancing (including his brother, the guy i like) but it isn't sad. Im just really confused. Why would he stare at me like that?
That was that full description of my last post. Im not so in to his brother anymore (he rejected nicely lol and i moved on) and i would give the guy i used to like's brother a chance. Problem is nobody knows im not into that guy anymore and i can't ask out his brother id look HORRIBLE for asking him out bc itd look like im getting back at the guy that i used to like and asking out both brothers.
The only way would be is for him to ask me out. But i dont know how i'd get him to do it, im shy and he's more popular. Plus i dont want it to turn out he doesn't like me and then do something like flirt and look like an idiot. Thatd be awful. Plus im not really his type looks wise sooo...:/ personality yes though.

Any advise?
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By the way, responses on the last question all said they think he likes me. I don't know if i mentioned that in the question or not.
What do I do about this guy?
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