Barista flirting?

This barista asked my name back like 6 months ago. Then remembered it the next time I came into his store a couple weeks later.

The other day, I was sitting outside another coffee shop and this guy comes out and was like "(name), right?" I was pretty surprised and said yeah and he said "I used to work at (coffee shop). My name's Andy*"

I came in today and he seemed - not sure if flirty or not. When I was talking about the crazy weather I said I had gone to a coworkers party the night before and he - too fast - was like "where do you work?"

Then "thank you (name)" at the end and looked at me a bit too long and smiled.

... ideas? Is he just being friendly do you think? 6 months is a long time to remember the name of someone you've seen twice.

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by the way I'm not actually planning to go anywhere with this, just curious what his behavior indicates to all y'all lol
Barista flirting?
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