Is he embarrassed by me or he just doesn't like me?

For about a year I've been in a tech group with about 35 people around my age we are very close and cool friends with each other , in my Tech group there is a guy that I honestly like ,.. I've been liking him for quite some time , we talk almost everyday in our free time after Tech group ours. Sometimes when we talk I admit. we do flirt.. sometimes we flirt heavy as well.. he flirts with me and I flirt back its an off and on thing , aometimes a few members thats in our Tech group comment on our flirting

But the other day one of the head members of our technology group came up to him and told us that we should "stop flirting while everyone is around , and some members are starting to complain about it , and flirt in private "
he responded to her and said "Im not flirting with her "

And she responded back and said "well to me and a lot of other members here feel like your flirting , and she said "all im saying is to flirt elsewhere"

-he told her that he wasn't flirting with me? He lied? Why? Is he embarrassed or does he really not like me?
Is he embarrassed by me or he just doesn't like me?
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