I feel like I'm wasting my time. Should I just move on?

Ok I have known this girl like in FOREVER I mean since fucking elementary school, i didn't go to middle school with her But I did in high school I was class of 07 she was 08.
So after that like three years passed and we haven't seen each other since then
"(it's 2011 December). I was at the mall doing a little shopping and I spotted her in the food court so I bought my outfits and rushed to the mother fucken food court fast ass hell 😂, I was a little winded but I got it together. I remember this like it was yesterday,
So I came to her like heyy stranger remember me? She said of course, silly.
I asked how she was doing and her family, (You know) she said everybody doing great.
After that I asked are you seeing some one, she said no and she said what about you I said same. So we was having a nice Conversation but something happened and she had to go I guess she was on her lunch break but we exchanged numbers real fast and things took off from there.. Okay I'm going to fast forward it now. Since then we've been dating since 2012 to 2015 but in the middle of that things were getting shaky. See she the type of girl that expects you to know what she's thinking, Like reading her body language an shit. See her body was saying yes but then she be acting a whole different way like she not sure. I'm the type of guy you gotta meet me half way I'm not just going to throw myself on you that's how shit get started in some cases.
Anyway with that being said. things was starting to get awkward it was hard to switch from being child hood friends to being intimate sexually for me.
So she decided to take a break Because she felt like we was going to fast but it only one and half years (2013) so we did. Now it's 2015 she inbox me on Facebook saying should meet up I'm like hell yeah so we did FASTFORWARD>> Now I be texting her and most times she reply late or she doesn't at all. I feel like I'm wasting my time I tried many times for us to workout. So move on? or keep trying?
I feel like I'm wasting my time. Should I just move on?
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