Girls, Is this girl interested? Should I tell her how I feel?

She teases me, calls me names, copies my sayings (like I say a word in a funny tone, she's started doing it) looks over at me sometimes when she coming out of her office etc. she has touched me on shoulder, arm, punched me in the back once or twice, we both smile when we see each other. Asks what I'm doing on weekends, says stuff like 'l love going there or I've never been there' walks close to me sometimes. We brush past eachother sometimes, when I'm kneeling down looking at something she kneels down next to me, ours legs touch, she doesn't seem to mind. Plays with her hair a lot when speaking to me, like running it through her fingers, but Im not sure if that's just her. When I'm being daft she looks, smiles, silently giggles and shakes her head. She likes smiling at me and laughing, as do I too her.. I talked about stuff I did at the weekend to someone else and noticed her ears perked up and she raised her head too listen. She also had a massive grin on her face? I feel we have a connection but I'm not sure. Im sure there's a lot more I've missed out on, I'm just wondering whether you think there's anything there? The thing is, she has a bf so I know this girl is off limits, but she never really talks about him in a positive light. I'm just wondering whether I should distance myself, or even tell her how I feel?
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Girls, Is this girl interested? Should I tell her how I feel?
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