Is it okay to NOT give him a chance?

I'm going to premise this question with a bit of a story to provide some solid context:

I'm not a bar girl, I'm more of a homebody with a small group of friends and I don't party much. However, this past weekend I went to a bar with some friends from out of town, and I was dead set on getting my night's fill of their company while they were here. I barely got up to pee, let alone look around for any guys who could be scouting.

A guy ended up interrupting our conversation to chat me up and offer me a drink, and I was already two drinks and one shot in at this point, so I wasn't up for another for at least a cool 45 minutes. He also brought me a drink that wasn't what I had been having prior so I had no interest in it. I politely said no thank you to the drink and explained I was done for a while, and I already saw the disapproval on his face. Cutting to the chase, he forced the drink next to me and began chatting me up anyways, and wouldn't let me get a word in to stop him. When he finally did stop, I apologized and told him I was here with my friends from out of town, and wanted to give them my FULL attention, and I wasn't interesting in "getting to know anybody." Needless to say, he got SUPER pissed and cussed me out, telling me I was a stuck up bitch and should feel lucky he even brought me a drink and that I should have just given him a chance. I didn't take his shit and told him how disrespectful he was and to screw his drink, and my awesome friends ran him off.

So, he's my question: Should I have ignored my feelings and just "given this guy a chance"? Or was I in my rights to just plain NOT want to be hit on? Answers from both genders would be appreciated.
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You can always spot the one guy in the comments who has been rejected for having a shitty attitude. Lol.
Is it okay to NOT give him a chance?
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