Does this guy now hate me? Why is he avoiding me? What did I do?

Im 17. Me and this guy were flirting but never actually talked to each other. We were flirting on the bus by staring at eachother, smiling, red faces, he let me go infront of him to get off and he held doors open. I was too shy to actually say anything to him. He's popular and I legit only have 1 friend. There's a lot of jealous girls at my school who envy me and have spreaded nasty rumors about me over the years and a lot of people still believe it and tend to avoid me. Even people who never talk to me before hate me. I've been told I'm really pretty and I never really wear makeup. I think I come across as stuck up because I have major trust issues. Because of that I limit myself towards people. I can be shy but I'm usually not. I also sigh a lot and give dirty looks, and roll my eyes. I walk really fast too. This guy and this girl we're bf/gf and they got into a fight because she cheated on him and he kept calling her because he misses her (heard from their friends). They were also walking with eachother last Thursday. Last Friday I dressed slutty and put on tons of makeup and he saw it. He didn't do anything but he kept staring. This week he's not riding the bus at all but he's still at school (see him in hallways, no classes). I'm giving him the silent treatment back and we have been avoiding eachother like the plague. We are in the same lunch and he has his back turned to me and same with me. His friends who are girls are also friends with that other girl who cheated on him and laughed at me when they saw me, yet I never talked to them. I overheard the one girl say she's really pretty but she is such a big bitch her whole attitude is piss poor and another girl said I was a pyscho. Wtf? His friends were staring at me yesterday (they have gf) and today they were avoiding me too.
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The one girl who said she was really pretty and a bitch big was referring to me by the way and then the other called me a a pyscho and all this was said within my hearing distance
Does this guy now hate me? Why is he avoiding me? What did I do?
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