Did I read the signs all wrong with my coworker?

A coworker of mine that I've had a crush on for a long time, we'll call him Dan, he started giving me rides home after my car broke down. Every afternoon during these car rides we would have a blast. He is ridiculously funny and we would make each other laugh all the way to my apartment, and have great conversations. Not long after that he quit and I didn't see him again. Out of no where Dan added me on Facebook and he said he would really like to hang out with me. He remembered he had my number and we started texting. He told me how much he missed driving me home and how we get along so well. Out of the blue he mentions that he knows a really great guy and if I'd be interested in meeting him. I was a little confused seeing as how the conversation was going. I told him I wasn't interested, we continued texting until 1am, and then we sent texts back and forth until late the next day. I decided to bite the bullet and tell him I've had a crush on him for a very long time, to which he replied 'whoa whoa, come again?' He said he never realized. I saw the conversation was going nowhere and I told him if he just wants to be friends that's totally fine with me because he is a really cool guy. did I read the situation wrong?
Did I read the signs all wrong with my coworker?
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