Does this girl like me?

There's this girl that sits left of me in class. She stares in my direction kinda a lot but i can't tell if she's always looking at me. Sometimes when I turn to look at her she is looking at me. Usually she turns immediately, but SOMETIMES holds for a second or two until I look away (I am very shy, she knows too i believe an so does the whole class). I also dont think she does this too often but im afraid look a lot. Other times she's only looking my general direction. Some days she looks at me frequently in class ad other days hardly or not at all (doesnt smile either, nor do I). I think she might be shy except for around her friends from my observations. On days I catch her eye a lot she later in the hour turns herself basically the complete opposite direction from me. Why is she doing this? Also my teacher makes the class laugh a lot and whenever she laughs she turns her head and looks at me till we make eye contact and looks away. She also seems to perk up and look at me when I'm mentioned or called on in class. But other days it seems she hardly looks at me? What does this mean? I rarely see her looking at me in lunch, though a few weeks ago I got up to go to the restroom and looked to see her looking at me, then she looked shocked and turned her head. Yesterday my friends and I sat at a closer table to her and I think she looked at me several times. But we seldom see each other in the halls and when we do she doesn't look at me, nor does she seem to mostly at lunch or when she walks out of class. So why does it seem some days she's interested in me and others not? Is she just shy like me? I always find it hard to look at her since its a rather obvious movement to turn my head since she sits next to me, so I'm too scared to look at her a lot. Could she be feeling the same thing? Do you think she has a crush on me? If she does how to i talk to her since I'm extremely shy and basically totally inexperienced with girls without coming off as creepy weird or clingy
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Does this girl like me?
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